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Update on Reborn Progress in Only 11 Months

On September 29th 2022, Jimmy Sherlock decided to dedicate his life in serving the poor in Kenya by creating businesses that produce jobs that are desperately needed and produce profits that are used to rescue more children in need and expand our businesses.

Coming to Kenya with only $2,500, reborn has raised in 11 months $85,000.

On Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, Reborn received a contract with a well established manufacturer of animal feeds and medicines. The Contract commits to purchasing 50,000 eggs a day, a annual contract worth $2,900,000 and $500,000 annually for chicken meat!!! $3,400,000 a year in revenue starting again with only $85,000. Truly a miracle.

Reborn takes its profits and introduces profit sharing with the workers where 1/2 the profits are shared equally amongst the workers. This has never been done at this level before. Currently people are paid only $2 day. By introducing profit sharing, the parent now has enough money to care for the family, putting food on the table and having money to send their children to school.

The other 1/2 of the profits goes directly back into the foundation so the foundation can help more and expand it's businesses.

Since October 5th, 2022, reborn has taken a village, NyaChokaChoka, in Nyamira, Kenya, with a population of 20,000 and has built an outreach center, a school up to grade 3 , 2 1/2 acres of farming bananas, kale, maise, cabbage, sugar cane and mangos.

Reborn built a chicken coop that currently accommodates 1600 chickens and is expanding to accommodate 50,000 chickens by first quarter 2024.

Lastly, reborn breeds both goats and cows that again generates revenue on the sales of milk and meat.

Reborn is perfecting this pilot in NyaChokaChoka to be the flagship, the poster boy of how to take an impoverished situation and turn it into a prosperous community by creating jobs and keeping children in schools and caring for the orphans.

Reborn wishes to reach out now for more sponsors, supporters, so together we can break the chain of poverty for these families and empower the next generation through education.

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