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60 families Receives Food Donation

60 families of internal displaced person (IDT) in Laikipia, Kenya have received food donation. Violence related to cattle rustling in the area forced thousands of people to flee and led to the closure of schools. The violence has left about 200 families out in the cold.

Since February this year, tens of people have been killed and livestock stolen by suspected cattle thieves. "This is the worst crisis to befall me," said Lenayara. "I have lost 180 sheep and goats and 47 cattle which I bought when I retired from my work as a guard," he said this to Rev Geoffrey of Reborn Church

Under the leadership of Mr Jimmy Sherlock Reborn has be on the fore front in proving food, clothes and giving them hope for tomorrow. We could notice some shading tears thanking Reborn for remembering them. "May God bless Reborn donors wherever they are" said Lenayara

Thank you for your continuers support.


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