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The goal of Reborn Group is to break the chain of poverty through educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Founded in 2010 by Jimmy Sherlock, Jimmy used his entrepreneurial talents to enrich the lives of the needy in developing countries such as Kenya, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Uganda, and Haiti.

Reborn currently has three schools open (with 80% of the students being orphans) and provides a meal each day for each child. Because of economic hardships in these countries, the school meal may be the only meal the child has that day; for the children might not have access to a meal at all if they were not in the school.

Additionally, Reborn built classrooms and provided laptops to the children of Kenya, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Uganda and Haiti. Computer technology connects these children to the world and inspires them to have a prosperous mindset instead of an impoverished one. When it is time for the youth to graduate, Reborn has been able to sponsor many of the youth with full scholarships to a university. Some have even entered into graduate school!

Reborn wants to help as many people in these countries as possible and has supported a diverse set of business opportunities such as farming, honey products, chicken coops, used clothing booths, internet cafes, beauty salons, and grocery stores. In the Dominican Republic, Reborn provided a water purification system to bring clean drinking water to the people. With the typical worker earning less than $2 a day, Jimmy wants to give those in need a way to earn more for themselves and their families.

Reborn is asking for your help to break the chain of poverty. Please consider partnering with us. For as low as 10 cents, you can provide a school meal for a child. $10 can feed a family one meal a day for a month!

Using the computer science centers we have established. Reborn can offer opportunities to connect with the school children and families you sponsor, No expenses are taken out of the donations for this opportunity, 100% of the donations go directly to the children and families. Reborn is a 501c3 non profit foundation and your contributions are tax deductible.

God bless you for any amount that you wish to give. Even $1 can feed 10 children.


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