Reborn was established in 2010 by founder Jimmy Sherlock in Nakuru, Kenya. People here work for less than $2 a day. 
Reborn breaks the chain of poverty through education and creating businesses. 
Reborn currently has 3 schools and provides a meal each day for the child. This may be the only meal they receive that day. Up to 80% of the children are orphans. 

Reborn builds computer classrooms and provides laptops in Kenya,  Dominican Republic,  Liberia, Uganda and Haiti. This connects the children to the world, learning how to think prosperously not impoverishly.

Reborn sponsors many children with full scholarships to university. Some are even in graduate school!
Reborn feeds over1000 people , some walking over 10 miles to receive food. Most of these families don't have enough food for 1 meal a day.  

Lastly reborn builds businesses like farming, honey products, chicken coops, selling used clothes, internet cafes, beauty salons, grocery stores and even built a water purification system in the Dominican Republic, to name a few businesses. 
All this helps break the chain of poverty for the families. 
Please consider partnering with reborn. It costs only 10 cents for a school meal,  $10 to feed a family 1 meal a day for a month. 

Reborn can even connect you with the school children and families via zoom, using our computer science centers reborn has established. 100% of your donation goes directly to the need. No expenses are taken out. Reborn is a 501c3 non profit foundation and your contributions are tax deductible. God bless you for any amount that you wish to give. Even $1 feeds 10 children.

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