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Sophia De La Cruz

In March of 2019, Sophia De La Cruz attended Youth Impact! Forum in New York with a plan for her project "Girls Here and There." Due to her personal experience with mentors, her Dominican roots and her growing awareness of a need for female equitable education and leadership development, she decided to create an international, multilingual mentoring organization focused on female education and empowerment. Inspired by her bilingual parents, her mentees, and a research thesis on barriers to female education, she created a plan to empower and educate girls, connecting them across oceans.

At the Youth Impact! Forum, met Reborn founder Jimmy Sherlock, who expressed interest in her idea and encouraged her to reach out to develop a partnership. He found that her purpose was similar to his own, and offered to provide many of the materials and the support needed for Sophia to begin her organization. 

Sophia has several years of experience as the president of a mentoring and literacy organization called "Teen Trendsetters", created by Barbara Bush, which connects 2nd grade students reading below-grade-level with peer mentors. She also served as a bureau member at Montessori Model United Nations, where she helped facilitate Middle School conferences. Along with leadership positions, Sophia has benefited from experience with her own digital mentor. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and is currently developing her Russian through an intensive language program in Moldova.

Dominican Republic Representative

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