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This is the 1 Acre land in Kisii Town Kenya that Reborn acquired for farming purposes. It is headed by Rev. Phineas who is the main Pastor of Reborn Church Kisii Kenya. Reborn supported this program by buying seeds and fertilizer and just in 15days, the land is producing vegetables.

The climate in Kisii is very favorable to crop growth. This is due to the availability of red volcanic soils which is rich in nutrients and the presence of enough rainfall. Vegetables grow fast and can be harvested several times in a year hence generating continuous income.

The vegetables will be sold in different nearby towns like Kisumu and Nyamira. The profit will then be used to run several Reborn charity programs including Reborn Feeding Program and Reborn Education sponsorship programs. If Reborn gets a positive financial outcome, more land will be acquired and more gardeners employed.


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