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Reborn Computer Cafe launched

Reborn Computer Cafe is a new Cyber Cafe situated in Nakuru town, Kenya. It was started a few months ago by Sammy Kamau, a sponsored university student by the Reborn group under the leadership of Mr. James Sherlock. It is well established and is currently generating income which is used to render support to orphans.

The Cafe offers the use of computers with high bandwidth internet access on the payment of a fee. Among other services being offered at Reborn Cafe include a recording studio, Basic computer services and classes, and also piano lessons for children which will play a great role in keeping them busy during holidays. We would love to give our sincere gratitude to donors who offered to give out laptops to us to facilitate effective running of the Cafe as well as for the great financial support they offered in helping secure a commendable place to run the business.


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