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Mama Zena's Life Story

Hello everyone. Reverend Geoffrey and his wife Anastacia invited the lady (left) above to their home this week.

They ate together,  shared the word of God and shared foodstuffs donated by Reborn.

After seeing the love of Reborn through Reverend Geoffrey and his wife, the lady and the daughter gave their lives to Christ, despite being born and raised in Islamic religion. The lady's name is Mama Zena.

Together with her husband they gave birth to four children. later two of their children died. The husband took the two remaining kids with him and later got married to another woman.

Mama Zena resolved to stay with her parents who later died and to add salt to the injury her only brother was arrested. This forced Mama Zena to start fostering her arrested brother's three kids. The first born of these three kids is the one on the photo. Mama Zena is jobless, and with no residence of his own.

Your donation will go a long way in empowering Mama Zena and also seeing that the three children join school.


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