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Be Kind, Help A Child

Service to humanity is service to God and sharing is caring.Life is a journey where we are either existing or we being alive.We exist if we are struggling to be alive or when we have no purpose or aren't experiencing the joy and the gift that is life.

On 1st June,Pastor Phineas found these three children living on the streets and their parents could not be found.They were merely existing with no basic needs nor care.Pastor Phineas took them into his care and since then he cares for the children as he does his own.

In as much as Pastor Phineas takes care of the children , between his family and the additional expenses he can only do so much . That's where you come in.Reborn needs a sponsor who will help Pastor Phineas with the additional expenses to help feed,cloth and educate these children.Whoever sponsors these children with $20 a month will rename that child and make him feelalive again.Please contact Jim Sherlock at 732-267-2550 for more details. Thank you for caring


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