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Thank you Reborn

Reborn has helped a lot of people, not only financially but in so many other ways. Many hearts are overflowing with gratitude and their faces are lit up as they see the progress they have made in their lives and all thanks is to Reborn.

One of those people who have benefitted from the generosity of reborn is Vincent, a man who lost his job and had to depend on his wife, who sells groceries to care for both him and their child. Their lives were difficult but he did not have the finances to start his own job and securing a job was also very difficult for him.

Lucky for him, he had met Jimmy Sherlock, the CEO of Reborn and they had become friends. He therefore approached him and asked for his help and he was told about Reborn and how they help needy people and how they change people’s lives. He joined Reborn and came up with a business idea so that reborn could finance him.

He decided to get into agriculture by starting a green house. Reborn gave him some money to start it up. His life has now taken a new direction and he is very grateful to Reborn for the help their have given him and his family.

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