Reborn: The Hope of the Hopeless

Hammton Ndeke, a young vibrant and industrious young man is filled with indescribable joy and gratitude as he graduates from the university after many years of struggles and dimming hope. Having been born in a poor family, he struggled through primary school and he succeeded and made it to high school. However, money became a huge problem that he had to drop out of school while in form 2.

With his hopes shattered and his dreams seeming impossible to achieve, he felt caught in between a rock and a hard wall. He opted to join the street children and began a new life as a beggar; a life that is miserable and disheartening. He started begging for a living and his next meal depended on a good Samaritan, who are not often available.

Then God came to his rescue through a man, Jimmy Sherlock. The poor street boy saw this man and saw his hope. He approached him and begged him to be his hope of achieving his dreams. Being generous and humane, Mr Jimmy through Reborn Group decided to take Hammton back to school. Hammton, not wanting to let his guardian angel down worked so had that at the end of high school he got a grade of B, which was enough to get him to a good university.

He enrolled at Kenyatta