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NECO Announces James P. Sherlock To Receive 2017 Ellis Island Medal Of Honor

May 13, NEW YORK, NY – Today after reviewing thousands of nominations, the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO), announced that James P. Sherlock, Founder and CEO of Reborn Group, will receive the 2017 Ellis Island Medal Of Honor with legendary Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Governor John Kasich of Ohio, Chairman/CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi, CNN host/journalist Fareed Zakaria, CEO of HSN Mindy Grossman, actress/film studio executive Sherry Lansing and chef/restaurateur Thomas Keller.

Since 1986 this distinguished honor has been given to 7 Presidents of the United States, Nobel Prize recipient Elie Wiesel, General Schwarzkopf, General Colin Powell, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Bob Hope; Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra; Rosa Parks, Mike Wallace and Mia Farrow to name a few.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor ranks among the nation’s most renowned awards The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have officially recognized the Ellis Island Medals of Honor and each year the recipients are listed in the Congressional Record.


Reborn’s Mission

“Reborn takes an impoverished situation and turns it into a prosperous one

through an entrepreneurial spirit by educating the child and building businesses. This will break the chain of poverty.

The weapon against terrorism is love and compassion. The way we change the world is by training our children not to do what we did but to put

God first, then others, so you will prosper.

15 years from now these children hearing and doing this will change the world.”

Jimmy Sherlock

Founder, Reborn International

Established in 2011, Reborn International began to outreach in Nakuru, Kenya, where the average income is a $1 a day,

In Nakuru, Kenya, Reborn currently sponsors 123 children. The cost to sponsor a child school fees in Nakuru are, $10 a month for children pre-school to 8th grade, $15 for High School students and approximately $50 a month for our children in University as well as children in Trade Schools and funds businesses for the entrepreneurial mind.

Reborn has a food outreach for families in extreme poverty. Every 3 months each family receives approximately100 pounds of food/supplies that lasts for months. Now the children can concentrate on studies instead of starvation.

Reborn collects used laptops. Reborn recently received 182 used laptops from Point Pleasant Beach High School. These laptops went to orphanages in Haiti, Uganda, Dominican Republic and Kenya. Reborn is currently building five 30 seat Computer Science Centers in public schools in the poorest slums of

Nakuru. Most children have never touched a computer. Reborn’s currently working with several Universities in developing a student call center where students going for their masters /doctorate in Education, Therapy or Health can skype with a reborn Child for tutoring, counseling for trauma or health questions.

In 2013, the founder of Haven Of Hope Orphanage with 39 orphans died at 28 while giving child birth. Jim Sherlock immediately flew over to comfort the orphans and had an art teacher skype to teach them how to paint as therapy for their loss.

This was the birth of Reborn Fashion Designed By Orphans. 85% of gross revenue goes directly into trust for the orphan so when they graduate high school there will be a scholarship they can use for University, Trade School or start a business.

Reborn’s Fashion Designed By Orphans is currently in 12 Countries, Kenya, Haiti, Mali, Liberia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Philippines and the Sioux Indian Nation, South Dakota, USA.

Reborn projects for 2018 include the development of Reborn Media Productions and Reborn Children’s Transformation Ranch In Nakuru, Kenya.

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