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13 - OCT 2017 Reborn visited a family of ten in Dondori town found in Nakuru County.

We were notified that there was a family in Dondori town that was is die need of help and without hesitation we payed them visit.

The family was living in a single muddy room with their children. The muddy house had wholes for one could see outside. Nobody could imagine how the family used to survive in that house at a such a cold and rainy season.

By your donations Reborn was able to build a new decent house for the family. The family also received a solar panel which will be used in lighting all the rooms. These light will enable the children to study at night. The panel also comes with a Television and radio.

The family thanked all those who supported them and asked God to bless the donors as they give to support those in need.

(Be Aware of Some Grammatical Error)

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