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Reborn Group throught its 'Reborn Food Program' visited Mrs Njeri who lives in one of the poorest slams in Nakuru Kenya called Lake View.

Mrs Njeri lives with her 6 year old niece who is a total orphan. Njeri is a hawker, she sells second hard clothes known as 'Mutumba'.

Last month she took all her savings and bought a bale of second hand clothes, which turned to be a total fraud because the bale was full of old and torn out clothes. This brought misery to her and her niece for they used to have one meal a day.

Thanks to your contribution, Mrs Njeri received a bag full of shopping.

The bag entailed of: Maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, salt, beans,lentils, tea leaves, cooking oil, matchbox especially and toothpaste. These food will last the family for next 3 months.

((Be Aware of Some Grammatical Error))

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