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Macline's Emotional Story

Macline Wanjiru is in form 3 at Bishop Muriithi High School. She was born a single child by her mother who later on abandoned her when she was very young. She has been living with her grandparents who are very old and poor. The grandparents really struggle to look for work so that they can be able to feed their grand child and still pay for her school fee. They earn from as low as 10$ a month. Besides the hardships and struggles in her life, Macline is a very bright student. She performs very well in her studies, she is always at the top of her class, scoring a mean grade A in all her subjects. Her dream is to become a lawyer.

Jimmy met Macline at her school when he visited the Principle of the school to see how the students were doing. He saw Macline standing at the class window looking outside so depressed, Jimmy decided to find out more about her from the principle. He told Jim the whole story about her life and the challenges she is going through with her grandparents. Jim decided to pay her grandparents a visit at their home to find out how the situation was. He saw the situation at home was worse than he expected and the grandparents really needed help to educate their grandchild and Jimmy promised to look for a sponsor for Macline.

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” this is Macline favorite encouragement quote that always keeps her going in life. She knows that one day her dream will come true so that she can help her grandparents and many children who are abandoned by their parents just like her, for she believes in the saying ‘dream big for dreams do happen’.

Donate today to support Macline and other children facing the same challenges in life.

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