Reborn Outreach Centers

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In December 2020, Phineas Ogiki started a church with 4 members.  He called it, Reborn International Church of Jesus Christ.  Jim hadn't heard about this church until October 2021.  When Jim found out about it, he asked Phineas if he would like to have more people come?  Phineas said, "Yes of course!"  Jim replied, "Well then, let's feed them!"  Since then, Reborn has introduced a feeding program that runs after the Sunday service.

By July 2022, Reborn International Church of Jesus Christ has grown to 5 churches serving over 400 people.  There are currently 4 men studying now to become pastors for the 4 new churches they are planning to build!  Each church acts as a resource center, providing resources to those in need in the local area.

Please support this tremendous opportunity to save souls by giving them food. This is what is needed now:

  1. Doors and windows for Reborn Church, 2 doors, 4 windows: $410

  2. Feeding for 50 people after Sunday service: $50

  3. Toilet/out house: $70

  4. Electricity: $400

  5. Fencing: $420

  6. A well to support 1000 people

  7. A hundred man tent: $110

  8. 100 chairs: $800

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