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Reborn Empowerment Program

$50 buys a goat, $250 buys a cow and $500 Farms 1 acre of land 

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In many developing nations, people live on less than $2 a day without many opportunities to build wealth and escape poverty.  The Reborn Goat to Cow Initiative aims to help people thrive through their own means.

The initiative starts with Reborn buying a mature male and female goat.  The goats reproduce in 6 months.  When managed properly, one pair of goals can turn into 3 to 5 goals within 3 to 5 years.  When sold, one goat can net $400 which is then used to buy a cow.

Over time, grazing areas for farm animals have been significantly reduced due to surging populations utilizing the land for other uses.  Because of this, there is a shortage of milk.  Milk is a very important stable in any part of the world and is always in high demand.

In Kenya, one liter of milk costs an average of 0.6 dollars.  If a farmer could produce 5 liters a day, they could make up to $3 per day or $90 a month!

Therefore, two goats turning into dairy cows can achieve a remarkable turnaround in the standards of living of the local economy, allowing households to afford proper nutrition and pay the school fees for their children.

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