Reborn Feeding Program

Donate $1, feed $10 children a meal

In Nakuru, Kenya, where the families average income is less than $30 a month, over 250,000 school children receive no meal in school, with many of them already coming to school hungry to begin with.  This effects their learning and many don’t come to school because they are looking for food.

Reborn goes to the extremely impoverished rural areas, bringing food and much needed soap.  Reborn is currently serving over 60 families a week.

For as little at 10 cents, you can feed a child a school meal!

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Past Feeding Programs Sponsored by Reborn

This feeding program was held by Reborn in an Internally Displaced Persons center in Pipeline, Nakuru, Kenya.

This feeding program was hosted by Pastor Geoffrey who took food donations to over 50 families in Kiptanguanyi, Kenya.  Prior to donating, he shared God's word from the parable of the prodigal son. The families were encouraged and one soul came to Christ.

The recipients were so happy to receive these donations because all of the maize in their farms had dried up because of the lack of rain. They thanked Jim, Reborn and all of the sponsors for there act of kindness.

Photo by Baba Ray

This feeding program, courtesy of Reborn, provided food to over 60 families in Mutaita, Kenya, a dry region in Nakuru.  It was done under leadership of Rev Geoffrey.  The poor, the aged, the widows, the disabled, and other disadvantaged groups were given food.  The families were also prayed for. This has helped in also increasing the memberships of the Reborn church in Nakuru, Kenya.

Photo by Kiki Sam

This feeding program was conducted in Mutaita Nakuru, Kenya by Rev Geofrrey.  This time, he decided to reach out to the young people from the Oldubei primary school.  They were so happy to carry a parcel of food home to their families, courtesy of Reborn.  Their hears were full of joy during the school day and Sunday service because of this good gesture of love!

Photo by Kiki Sam

The feeding program was conducted in a slum called Mogoito in Nakuru, Kenya.  It is dominated by alcoholism and abject poverty.  The food goes a long way in evangelizing and meeting their physical needs.  They were so grateful to Reborn.