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Reborn Chicken Coop Initiative


Reborn is asking for donations to help build chicken coops that generates money to be used for those in need. Once the business is started, it funds itself!

A $2200 donation pays to build a chicken coop and raise 600 chickens for 6 months.  In 6 months, the chickens produce 550 eggs a day, with each egg being sold for 10 cents each or $55 a day. This generates $1650 in a 30 day month. It costs $150 a month for feed and labor thus netting a profit of $1500 each month!!

This is such a tremendous opportunity to help so many with this thriving business, Reborn will even pay you back your initial investment beginning in the 7th month of $200 a month for the next 12 months allowing the investor to make a profit of $200 or 10 percent. This is a win-win for all involved. To learn more, please contact Jim Sherlock at

With your help, you can fund the creation of a self sustaining business!  To see the fruits of your donation, we will set up a Zoom meeting so you can see exactly who you've made an impact on and see the chicken coop built with your donation.

Please see the list of materials and donations amounts needed below:

  • Chicken coop enclosure: $600

  • Chick's - $1.20 each x 600 chicks: $720

  • Feed cost - $100 per month x 6 months: $600

  • Labor cost - $50 per month x 6 months: $300

  • Total: $2220

Make a donation today!

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Reborn gets the funds to build its first chicken coop!

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