Reborn Church

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In December 2020, A person who was helped by Reborn, Phineas Ogiki, began a church with 4 members. He called it Reborn International Church of Jesus Christ. Jim Sherlock never knew until October 2021 that a church arose out of this outreach. Reborn church started with 4 members and grew to 8 members by October 2021 (10 months)

When Jim Sherlock heard of this Reborn church he asked Phineas, “ would you like to have more people come”? “Of course”, said Phineas. “We’ll then, let’s feed them!” Jimmy Sherlock said. Now since October 2021 when Reborn installed a feeding program after Sunday service to July 2022, reborn church has grown to 5 churches, serving over 400 people and 4 more men are studying now to become pastors for 4 more churches they plan to build! Please support this tremendous opportunity to save souls by giving them food. This is whats needed

1. Doors and windows for Reborn Church, 2 doors, 4 windows :Costing $410
2. Feeding for 50 people after Sunday service :Costing $50
3. Toilet/out house :Costing $70
4. Electricity :Costing $400
5. Fencing :Costing $420
6. A well to support 1000 people
7. A hundred man tent :Cost $110
8. 100 chairs :Cost $800

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