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Barrett LaRoda

Reborn Board Member

Barrett LaRoda  Chief Executive of The LaRoda Group,   represents many of the top artists in the music industry in the last three decades.  Since 2004, Mr LaRoda  has actively engaged in the dynamic landscape of Africa, strategically leveraging his expertise to cultivate impactful alliances and navigate the nuances of the continent's trade and business development, specializing in disaster relief and internet communication technology.

Mr LaRoda's partnership with the Leventis Family, net worth over three billion dollars, gave rise to The Antigua and Barbuda Rodonda Islands Global Carbon Credits Registry and Market Place, an unparalleled approach to trading, tracking, and verifying carbon credits, thus driving substantial impact on climate change and sustainability efforts.

Mr. LaRoda's, Agni Licensing and Logistics firm,  orchestrates large-scale festivals and events that captivate audiences exceeding 30,000 attendees. By delivering exceptional entertainment experiences featuring renowned celebrity talents.

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