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Reborn Outreach is breaking the chain of poverty through providing children with education and entrepreneurial opportunities in developing countries.

Together we can make a difference

In many developing nations, people live on less than $2 a day.  Started in 2011, Reborn Outreach has gone to many different nations including Kenya, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Uganda and more and has provided food, clean drinking water, computers, and has built businesses, churches and schools. Reborn Outreach is asking for donations to expand our outreach to help those who need it most. Learn more about our fundraiser campaigns and how you can make a difference.

Latest News

The founder of Reborn, Jim Sherlock, has made a decision to dedicate his life to this cause and has moved to Kenya to help the poor and the orphans!

Fundraiser Campaigns

Reborn Feeding Program

Donate $1 and feed 10 children a meal!  Reborn is asking parents to ask their children to give $1 of their allowance to give 10 children in poverty a meal.  Let them feel how good it feels to give!

Reborn Goat to Cow Initiative

For $100, Reborn buys a male and female goat.  Within 5 years, these goats have enough offspring to purchase a cow!

Reborn Farm Outreach

$500 fertilizes and seeds 1 acre of land, producing food and jobs which continues to produce with no additional funding.

We will name the farm after the donor!!

Reborn Chicken Coop Initiative

Reborn is asking for donations to build chicken coops, offering the ability for those in need to create and manage a self sustaining business.

Reborn Water

Reborn builds mobile and stationary water purification systems that produce drinking water for less than a penny with any body of water including polluted waters.

Reborn Computer Science Centers

Reborn collects used laptops and builds computer science labs in extremely poor schools, connecting their school to the world.

Reborn Academy Schools

Leave a legacy!  For $5000, Reborn will build a 30 seat classroom and name that building after the donor!

Reborn Scholarship Fund

$10 a month allows a child to go to school. $30 a month to send an orphan to boarding school and $50 a month to send a child to University.

Reborn Outreach Centers

Reborn is building Outreach Centers throughout the Nakuru/Kisii counties to help bring the good news as well as food and aide to the extremely impoverished.

We are all God's children.  Reborn serves the poor, the orphan, and the widow.

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