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For just $1, you can provide a nutritious meal for 10 orphaned and street children at a slum school, ensuring they have the sustenance they need to thrive and learn. Your contribution makes a significant difference in their lives, giving them hope for a brighter future. Join us in making this vital impact today!

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With just $5, you can raise a chick into a hen, a small but powerful step in empowering a family in poverty. The hen will lay eggs, and the income generated from selling those eggs will bring economic empowerment to a deserving family. Make a meaningful impact today!


For just $30 a month, you can be the lifeline that rescues a child, providing them with essential necessities like food, shelter, clothing, and the love they need to heal and thrive. Your monthly commitment makes a profound difference in their lives, offering them a chance for a brighter and more secure future.


For just $50, you can empower a family living in poverty by purchasing a goat, and it will be named after you, the generous donor, as a symbol of the positive impact you've made on their lives. Join us in making a difference today!

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A generous donation of $250 not only purchases a cow but also names it after the donor as a symbol of gratitude. This cow will produce milk, and the income generated from its sale will empower a family living in poverty, creating a sustainable source of livelihood for them. Join us in making a lasting impact through this meaningful contribution!


With a generous contribution of $5000, you can help build a 3-bedroom house that will provide a home for a family of 8 children and a widow in need. This house will be named after the donor as a lasting symbol of their compassion and support.

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A $500 donation enables us to farm an acre of land, and it will proudly bear the name of the generous donor. The funds generated from the harvest will be channeled into Reborn's charity projects, creating a lasting impact on those in need.

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Your used computers can make a meaningful impact by being donated to a school in a slum, where they will empower students with access to technology and education. Additionally, consider contributing to the creation of a computer lab at the school, further enhancing learning opportunities for these underserved communities.

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