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Improving Lives. Strengthening Communities.​

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Transform Lives

It costs only $5 for the clothes, shoes and a haircut.

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Buy a Cow

Buy a cow for $200. In 10 months this cow will produce $100 a month in milk.


Computer Initiative Program

Please give Reborn your used computers. Most schools with over 800 students have less than 10 computers. We will name the computer science center after your family, church, school or organizing.

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Build a Class Room 

$5000 builds a beautiful 3-bedroom home.  


Build a 3 bedroom Home

$5000 builds a beautiful 3 bedroom home

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Create Revenue

For $500 we can grow 1 acre of maize, cabbage or potatoes and create jobs.

Diverse Opportunities to Impact Lives

  • Nourishing the Future: Your smaller donations can feed children or empower families with livestock, like chickens and goats.

  • Building Foundations: Larger contributions can help construct homes or fund sustainable agricultural projects, laying the groundwork for lasting change.

  • Continuous Support: Monthly donations provide ongoing care and support to children in need, ensuring they have the essentials for a healthy and hopeful future.

  • Joining Hands for Change: It's not just about donations. Volunteering, sharing our story, or simply spreading awareness - every action you take makes you a valuable part of our journey towards a better tomorrow.

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